Are you tempted by an instructive challenge full of discovery between colleagues?

All together or in several groups, start from the starting point close to the Brussels Stock Exchange.

Per team you have formed, you will receive:

An instruction book that serves as a guide during your trip.

The valuable hoppy-coins you can exchange for a beer in the bars.

The book is composed of numbered maps, each map consisting of 3 parts:

The directions to help you find your way.

The historical information and anecdotes to get to know Brussels better.

A riddle that will help you find the number of the next map.

The notebook gives you all the necessary instructions, so the game is completely autonomous and allows you to start whenever you want.

If you come in large numbers, however, we advise you to form sub-groups with a few minutes difference at the start, this will allow the groups not to follow each other directly, but to still meet up at the bars and discuss their adventure!

If you are very numerous, contact us, we can offer you an accompanied formula for even more comfort in your organization.

Team of 5 people or more

With collegues build your team

Pick up the material

1 token/ team
3 tokens/ person

Are you ready?

You are a hop hunter!

Ready to take on the adventure?

Can I get lost?

Not, if you are in possession of a good dose of logic, sense of observation and intuition! But to avoid finding yourself in the middle of the Brussels fields after a missed turn, we have provided a map with the plan of the route to be used only in an emergency.

We are more than 5 people, how to play?

Make a reservation for 5 people and then a second reservation by pressing reservation again. You will see both bookings in your shopping cart. Pay and complete your order.

But... I don't drink alcohol!

No problem, the game remains the same. You can participate as any other person. In exchange for your token, you will get a soft drink of your choice.

What do I need?

Anything that allows you to hike for 2 to 4 hours. Beware … beer also makes you hungry. Either provide a packed lunch or you can stop at one of our good addresses you meet along the way to have something to eat.

Is the tour accessible to people with disabilities?

The route largely passes through Brussels streets. While there are no stairs to do, you are in a city environment with narrower passages and paved roads. Using the plan, it is always possible, in case of difficult passage, to find an adapted route. The bars are all accessible via the terrace. In the case of only one, there are stairs at the entrance.

Is it allowed to put together multiple teams?

For the smooth running of the game, we recommend limiting yourself to 5 players per team. So do not hesitate to put together several teams while booking.


The departure point is near the Grand Place. The exact location will be communicated to you in the confirmation e-mail upon booking.


The course takes place on the streets of central Brussels and takes an average of between 3 to 6 hours of play, depending on which game version you go for.


The course is not complicated. Your sense of orientation, admittedly, remains your best ally.

Ready to take on the adventure?