The game starts at our meeting place.

This will be revealed to you in the confirmation email of your reservation.

You will receive:


A notebook that will guide you on your journey.


The precious hoppy-coins, to exchange for your beer in the bars.


The notebook consists of numbered cards, each card consisting of 3 parts:

Directions to find your way.

Historical or anecdotal information to understand Brussels.

An enigma allowing you to find the number of the next card to follow.


Briefly: Nothing complicated!

Some practical rules are added to this, but they will be communicated to you in the first pages of the notebook.

From this moment on, you are part of the hoppy hunter community.
It’s up to you!

Teams from 2 to 10 pers.

With friends, family, build your team

Get your equipment back

1 booklet / team
4 tokens / pers.

You are ready!

You are a houblon chasseur!

Can I get lost?

With a good dose of logic, observation and intuition, no! But to avoid finding yourself in the middle of the fields of the Brussels countryside after a missed turn, we have provided a map to be used only as a last resort: the map of the route.

But I don’t drink alcohol!

No problem, the game remains the same. You can participate like everyone else. In exchange for your token you can ask for a soft.

What do I need?

Anything that allows you to walk between 2:00 and 4:00. Be careful that beer can also open the appetite, you could plan a picnic or stop at one of the many good addresses you will cross to have a bite to eat.

The tour is accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Although there are no stairs to cross, the environment is urban, with narrower passageways, paved roads. Using the route plan, it is possible to find a more suitable route if there is a problem crossing a section. The bars are all accessible in terasse, but one of them has steps at its entrance.

Can several teams be formed?

For a more enjoyable game we advise you to limit yourself to 5 players per team. Don’t hesitate to form several teams when booking.

Departure/ Arrival

The starting point is 2 steps from the Grand-Place, it will be communicated to you in the confirmation email of the reservation.


The route takes place in the streets of the centre of Brussels and lasts between 3 and 4 hours on average.


The journey is not very complicated. However, your sense of direction remains your best ally.

Ready to embark on an adventure!